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Philippe&Gaston A/W 2018
Hope Show A/W 2018

The Personal adventure of Grace Marguerite, that gives the inspiration to this exotic collection. A strong and independent woman who travelled the world...

I.F By Eva Summer 2018

Madagascar...a tropical island that contains many aspect of the beautiful Africa. An intricate tropical jungle with its colorful animals and foliage.

I.F By Eva Spring 2018

Cape Town located in the state of South Africa is a stunning place where the sky and sea meet showing the magnificence of the nature.

I.F By Eva Winter 2017-18

London the city with the greatest Mix of History and Cultures of Europe. 

I.F By Eva Fall 2017

Labyrinth of Berlin, the modern capital of thousand faces. " A soul has many faces" , 

Carubas Shooting 

The garments and accessories are limited edition from Independent Asian Fashion Designers.

A dreamy collection that bring us In Paris during the Belle Epoque. A period of optimism and development.

 Eva Ouxiu Summer 2018

Capri is an idyllic island where every corner exudes a cinematic air and vintage feeling.

Eva Ouxiu Spring 2018

Who said same things are too old? Breakfast at Tiffany's is a masterpiece and iconic film for fashion, thanks to the elegant Audrey Hepburn.

Eva Ouxiu Winter 2017-18

Art Nouveau is considered a "total" art style, embracing so many fields. The Philosophy is:

Art should be a way of life.

Eva Ouxiu Fall 2017

Bauhaus is similar to a soul with many faces, capable of  metamorphosis in elements, creating wearable art mixed with refined geometry.

Shayee' Shooting

A unique aesthetic coming from a young and dynamic Chinese Fashion Designer, Shalabo Wang.

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