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Where to find inspiration for YIZU Magazine

October 26, 2018

Probably it happened to "many" of us, however this was my first time. 

YIZU Magazine is a new voice based in Shanghai that write about fashion and new emerging designers and they contacted me to partecipate to the first publication as one of their writers. I was quite excited honestly and obviously I said YES! It was a personal challenge.

The magazine is just in Chinese language so here for you the english version of my article.


Hope you will find interesting,


Where to find inspirations.


Developing a meaningful concept is a crucial step in any creative project.

Does not matter if you are a fashion designer, an artist and architect, a writer or a chef, all those figures need to find ideas to create a new work. 


A great design/project should have meaning behind it, 

each element should express something.

Beauty without a soul will not deeply engage the public but it will probably fade away.


There are 3 important factors to keep in consideration: 


1)Learn to really SEE things and not just give a fast and superficial look; 

2) Research, not just digital but in books,newspapers, archives, ecc, A great source of inspiration is to try and stay away from your screen because internet does not have all the information.

3) Brainstorming: don’t dismiss any ideas and to help you, sketch them down, otherwise you could loose them.


The fields were to research are various; everything that surrounds us could be used as a starting point. 

Here few places where inspirations come from:

. Nature

. History

. Architectures

. Arts

. Books

. Food

. People 


Those are macro group, but it is important to decide at least a starting point of your creative process. 

As example you could pick Architecture then you choose Europe - France, then the time frame,1890-1910  and the n you find out that the architecture at the time was Art Nouveau. 

Start from a macro point and go micro.

Creating and following a methodology helps to improve the outcome of your works.


Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.
- John Berger, Ways of Seeing








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