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Shenzhen Design Week 2018

April 22, 2018





This year in Shenzhen , Italy was the protagonist and the one country to have a Pavilion just for itself. The event was at the Shenzhen UCCN    

(Unesco Creative Cities Network) Exchange Center inside the Design Society | Sea World Culture and Arts Center.


The Italian Pavilion presented the theme of Micro to Macro.













Among the exposers were Architects, Product Designers and Fashion Designers, who are part of IDA (Italian Design Association).

 It was a honour and privilege be part of this great team and have the possibility to have direct confrontations and exchange of opinions with some great personality of the Design field

The week was rich of events,speeches, confrontations and interviews and most of all vibrant energies from those great designers and architects who made this event possible. 



My project was related to children's wear. It was an "experiment" who I made with Monnalisa (International Italian Brand of children's wear) few years before, but still interesting and suitable for the theme Micro to Macro. The experiment/project was focused in the application of an innovative fabric through a classic silhouette and style for kids.

Evergreen styles can always find their place in innovative directions



Many as well the important figures who attended the Design Week. Some who came specifically from Italy and Guangzhou for it.


A big Thanks to:


Ole Bouman, Director of Design Society

PoliTo (Politecnico of Turin)

Consul General of Italy Laura Egoli

Barbara Pietrasanta Member of board director of Museo della Triennale Di Milano

IDA (Italian Design Association)




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