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I am dynamic and pragmatic and always willing to try new experiences, my idea is this:I am not supposed to be just one thing.”--Arianna Ariel Sorini


Q; What are you doing in Shenzhen?

A: To make it simple Icould say everything! I am living, working, growing up andenjoying it!



Q: Where did you grow up in Italy? Can you tell us more about your hometown?

A: I was born and raised in Italy, In Tuscany to be precise. My hometown is Arezzo, a lovely medieval city. My city is always crowed because of tourists walking along the small streets or hidden spots it is a unique experience. The center is a place of History, Churches, Squares and House of Renaissance painters. Grow up in a place like this teaches you to see the beauty in the small things around you.





Q: What made you come to China?

A: I came here because I had a strong desire to travel and live abroad and having My sister already based here made it more simple as well. I also thought I couldn’t absolutely lose the opportunity to live and try myself in this country that for us (European), It is usually just something that we study on the books and we see in TV.



Q: How do you feel about this city?

A: Honestly I do like Shenzhen for many different reasons. Mainly because me and this city, we are growing together, we are maturing together, We are experiencing and improving ourselves



Q: If you weren’t a designer, what career would you pursue?

A: This is not a easy question. I am not going to say something pompous and sophisticated but just honest. If I wasn’t a designer I think I would become a dancer. Music is like creativity, it is like an electric discharge under skin. It is something we need to express, youfeel it underneath…that’s it.



Q: Where have you never been but want to go?

A: South America! Brazil, Argentina and Mexico…these are definitely some of the places where I would love to travel, work and live in the future.



Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve done in Shenzhen so far?

A: I did many interesting things since I am in China honestly but the most interesting for sure has been teaching, not just as fashion designer but also as fashion consultant. This is something not just related to myself but also to the students or clients who were willing to listen and learn from me. The bond that it creates, the trust and complicity is priceless. I have to thank my mother for this, she passed me this skill. My mum is a great Teacher.



Q: How do you spend your time off?

A: Lately I don’t have time off! I am sharing my time between different jobs and projects. But if I have time off I usually spend with my friends because they are like afamily for me.





Q: How do you feel about ALIAS?

A: ALIAS is unique in its own way. I have been impressed since the first time I saw it and met the designer. The aesthetic is a complex mix of modern, classic, masculinity and femininity. ALIAS has been able to merge all these themes together using exclusive fabrics and avant-garde silhouette. ALIAS is the perfect heir and representation of her designer and that’s why every collection looks brilliant, innovative and essential


I am dynamic and pragmatic and always willing to try new experiences, my idea is this:I am not supposed to be just one thing.”--Arianna Ariel Sorini

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